Global Health & Health Disparities Program


Program Overview

The VCU Global Health & Health Disparities Program was created to improve the health of impoverished people living in resource-limited settings and to provide US-based learners with global health education and experiences.

In collaboration with numerous non-profit organizations our residents learn how to provide compassionate, collaborative and comprehensive care to underserved communities in both the United States and abroad.

A key aim of the Global Health & Health Disparities Program is to provide global health experiences to medicine residents, students and fellows. VCU learners have the opportunity to participate in global health activities both domestically and abroad. Via rotations in the Richmond area as well as opportunities in Honduras, learners explore the social determinants of health. Our learners gain practical, hands-on experience in providing direct medical care in resource-limited settings and actively participate in public health and quality improvement projects, as well. Particularly interested and motivated residents can enroll in the Global Health & Health Disparities Program Residency Pathway, wherein they will gain advanced training in global health and will earn a certificate of training in Global Health & Health Disparities.